Marc Newson x Hodinkee Hourglass

Overthought, overdesigned, and extravagant to a fault, you’ll still definitely not want to drop a Marc Newson x Hodinkee Hourglass, especially once you’ve had a peek at the price tag. The hefty, oversized borosilicate glass shape is formed using a complex choreography of torches and turning machines — and all completely by eye, no less — before being filled not with sand but with roughly 1.25 million nanoball spheres made of copper-coated stainless…

GET IT: $12,000


Albert Clock

Telling time has always been a science. From observing the orbital rotation of planets to the first clock designed for maritime travel, pendulum clocks on a pitching and yawing ship being so annoying… and those damn Westminster chimes. The Albert Clock by Axel Schindlbeck designs, the self ascribed purveyor of products, objects, spaces and stuff you don’t need, makes telling time once again that much more sciencey. The…

GET IT: ~$300


Sandman Clock

Sleep with a plethora of tech gadgets within arms reach? Then the Sandman Clock can probably help clean up the power strip on or next to your bedside table. This simple, clean-looking alarm clock does what it should first and foremost — i.e. display time, auto-dim at night, and ring to wake you up, with a snooze button to delay the inevitable — but is also equipped with four USB…

GET IT: $45


Shinola Runwell Clock

Shinola’s Runwell moniker is having a good run: it’s a watch, a turntable, and now a series of clocks. Realized in collaboration with General Electric, the Shinola Runwell Clock looks not unlike an oversized version of their wrist-candy, with an all-metal polished chrome case and domed glass over the luminescent hands. They’ll sell you a gorgeous handcrafted oak clock stand for setting the piece in sight, though an opening along…

GET IT: $395+


Flyte Story Levitating Timepiece

Flyte knows a thing of two about floating objects. This time they’re adding a mesmerizing twist to the clock. The Flyte Story Levitating Timepiece tells time by suspending a chrome sphere above a clean, unmarred wooden base seemingly magically, and does this in either horizontal or vertical (wall-mounted) orientations. Set it as a clock and the sphere represents the hour hand, making its way around every 12 hours. It’ll also…

GET IT: $400+


MWC Altimeter Wall Clock

MWC has been manufacturing military watches probably longer than you’ve been alive, and you don’t need to be in the military or in law enforcement to appreciate one. Similarly, the MWC Altimeter Wall Clock doesn’t need to be installed in a mess or military base to set itself apart from uninspired designs. The 9-inch wall clock is quartz powered and features three white hands that include a sweeping seconds hand that…


Today Clock

If you dream of losing yourself in a log cabin someplace in the woods to write or otherwise create, Today is the clock you’d hang on your wall. Today doesn’t obsess over exact numbers; instead, this 24-hour clock makes one full rotation every day and points to a relaxing gradient of colors that goes from bright sky blue to a darker midnight hue. As you’d expect, when the hand is pointing straight up…


Only Clock

Minimal is hardly the word to describe Kibardindesign’s Only Clock: in fact, most of the clock has been stripped away. What’s left is a simple ring made of ABS Plastic, holding its own to Dieter Rams’ design principle that good design is as little design as possible. Around the ring numbers designate the hours while minute markers tell you the time to the exact minute, lighting up thanks to LEDs…


Oqloq Clock

Wrestling with time management is a lifelong battle for most. Here to help is Edelkrone’s Oqloq, a 24 hour clock that lets you map out the activities you’d like to dedicate time to — for instance, a workout, side project, or just sleep — by way of colored groovetubes that are to be trimmed and affixed around the clock’s border to gently prompt you to partake in each given activity as the hour marker passes…


Ruggie Alarm Clock

Outsmarting your alarm clock, snoozing repeatedly, or simply disabling it is far too easy, even for our half-asleep selves. But the Ruggie Alarm Clock isn’t as easily outmaneuvered. This white high-density memory foam mat with built in alarm clock features a bright LED display with the time that lights up when stepped on. Set its alarm, though, and it won’t let you snooze or shut it off remotely. In fact…


Mojoptix Digital Sundial

Impractical? Maybe. But that doesn’t take away from the brilliance of the Mojoptix Digital Sundial. No motors, batteries, or electronics of any kind sit within the device. And rather than relying on a sundial clock below it, a bit of mathematical magic lets through just the right sun rays at just the right angle to display the time in the sundial’s shadow in increments of 20 minutes from 10AM…


Leff Brick Clock

Leff brings a sleek, modern aesthetic to the vintage flip clock time-telling mechanism of old with their Brick Clock. A hand-welded and brushed stainless steel case houses the precision Japanese movement that handles the flipping, and comes in your choice of black, white (with black numbers on a white background), or copper-plated (shown). And just like its namesake it’s fairly hefty at 6.3 lbs with the included two D batteries,…


Ferrolic Ferrofluid Clock

Digital but with a tangible, physical edge, the Ferrolic Ferrofluid Clock drops liquid crystal for a far more mesmerizing display material: ferrofluid. The clock boasts a basin filled with free-flowing ferrofluid that can be pulled, shaped, and moved thanks to powerful electromagnets behind the display and hidden from view. The governing software is also accessible, letting experienced users can repurpose the clock’s magnets to display custom shapes and transitions completely unrelated to time telling. And…


SensorWake Smell-Based Alarm Clock

You know your morning’s going to be brutal from the moment an abrupt, shrieking noise — your alarm — wakes you up. The SensorWake Smell-Based Alarm Clock, on the other hand, takes a gentler, more considerate approach to getting you out of bed, instead waking you up with one of various scents, including Espresso, Hot Croissant, freshly cut Grass, Chocolate, Peppermint, and the Kickstarter-exclusive Dollar, which smells like cash (motivation enough?). Each recyclable…


11+ World Clock

Your smartphone’s undoubtedly equipped with a world clock, but those in search of a more tactile experience will appreciate the 11+ World Clock. This seemingly normal round clock is inscribed with twenty four major cities around its cylindrical body. To check the time in another part of the world, roll the clock until the desired time zone is facing up; when let go, the clock’s weighted base rolls it right back to its default time…


Blub Uno Nixie Tube Clock

By definition clocks are objects of function, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful to look at when they’re not telling the time. The aluminum and bamboo Blub Uno Nixie Tube Clock is a gorgeous as they come, displaying time on a single Nixie tube with sequential digits — for instance, 11:00AM displaying as 1—1—0—0. It also comes packed with a surprising number of functions, including the date, temperature,…


Nixie Machine

Luxurious, sculptural timepieces need not be mechanical. Take Frank Buchwald’s Nixie Machine for M.A.D.Gallery, a gorgeously elaborate clock crafted of 350 brass and steel pieces, and fitted with six original 90mm Nixie tubes — produced in the early 1960s — to tell time. The tubes are rigged up as three pairs for hours, minutes, and seconds, and alternately shows the date, all set automatically thanks to both GPS and DCF77 receivers. Available as part of…


Twelve24 ClockONE

You’re probably ready to drop half a grand on a watch (if you haven’t already), but what about a clock? To be fair, ClockONE is not your average ticking wall clock. First off, it’s one meter wide, 4-millimeters thin, and runs on a single CR2450 button battery for a full year. The secret behind ClockONE is its ultrathin e-ink display that virtually sips power, hence its runtime. Couple this to a clever magnetic…


3P Clock

We love the combination of a minimalist design and the delectable grain of cherry wood. When you add a simple visual trick, a trompe l’oeil of sorts, consider us sold. The 3P clock is a clever and handsome embodiment of these features: hang it on your wall and it instantly evokes the effect of a 3-dimensional cube suspended in midair. The price and the fact that it’s made…


Flat Life Clock

No room on your gadget-packed night table for a clock – or no room for a night table at all? Areaware’s Flat Life Clock is an old school alarm clock, or rather an image of one, printed on a PET plastic poster with accompanying electronics to actually tell time. Find it at Areaware or Amazon – 150$. [via]


Brick Flip Clock

Funny how as technology pushes boundaries ever further we become increasingly fascinated with relics of the past. Take the Brick Flip Clock, for example. Wrapped inside its stainless steel case lies a couple of D batteries and a complex mechanism (or at least more so than your typical LCD display) that physically flips the numbers to tell time. Too bad buying one would force us to live on…


Shoot to Snooze

Considering it’s what typically wakes you in the morning, experiencing anger towards one’s alarm clock makes sense in a shoot-the-messenger kind of way. Nerf’s Shoot to Snooze alarm kills two birds with one stone, letting you vent your anger while simultaneously getting you out of bed. Hitting snooze involves unloading Nerf darts on the cube, a feat that’s easier said than done when half asleep. By the time…


Verbarius Digitless Clock

If you like the QLOCKTWO but not its price tag, check out Art Lebedev’s grammatically-inclined Verbarius clock. Verbarius’ simple shape is complemented by its equally simple controls (up/down for hours and minutes), and a language selection button to choose from over 20 languages. Time is spelled out behind tinted glass on its glowing LCD screen in the same way you’d read it out. For a challenge, set it…


Concrete Para Clocks

Strangely, all wall mounted clocks we’ve seen so far in brick-and-mortar stores have been just plain unimaginative, so we’ve resorted to the interwebs for our in-home time-telling needs. If you feel the same way, maybe LeeLABS’ Concrete Para Clocks will appeal to your (and your furnitures’) need for individuality. Concrete makes up the clocks’ face while the silent mechanism sidesteps that annoying ticking noise we’ve grown to loathe….