Even if you can’t figure out how to change your ringtone, you can still get dynamic sound and rich tone from your iPhone or jumbo sized iPhone…er…iPad. The HiddenRadio2 is probably the simplest, yet most advanced wireless Bluetooth multispeaker ever developed. Its stunningly minimalistic design removes any distractions, making this diminutive dynamo all about the music, just like the original. Most small speakers produce good high end frequency performance with sparse bass; conversely, large speakers provide bass, but little high frequency range. The HiddenRadio2 combines the best of both worlds with dual speakers and custom software, allowing heavy lows and flying highs. It’s also got new touch-sensitive cap that, when touched, raises the cover to expose the speaker, and lets you play, pause, adjust the volume, skip forward/reverse, even answer a phone call or active Siri. And if one speaker isn’t enough, two HR2s can link up to one same phone (facilitated, for Android phones anyway, by HR2’s NFC capabilities), allowing for a readily portable stereo configuration that works just about anywhere.

Learn more here – $150