Hexo+ Autonomous Camera

Shoot stunning footage using your action camera from a perspective other than your helmet or your buddy’s unsteady hand with the Hexo+ Drone. This six-prop drone boasts a brushless gimbal onto which to attach your GoPro, letting you start an autonomous aerial shoot — no camera operator, no pilot required — with just a few clicks on your smartphone. Set your frame, pinching and sliding to get distances, perspectives and altitude right, then let Hexo+ do its job, attaining speeds of up to 45 mph to track even the fastest subjects. It also offers a manual mode for taking the helm yourself, boasts auto take off and landing, an on-board GPS so it won’t get lost, and folds up to easily fit in a backpack. And don’t worry about your drone (or GoPro) in the event of a hiccup: between its fail-safe software and six propellers, it will always land safely and smoothly.

Learn more at Hexo+ – $1,150