Herb Cannabis Cookbook

Finally, a concise tome of recipe excellence for residents of Colorado and Washington state (sorry other 48, but your time is coming). Herb, affectionately compiled by the guys from The Stoner’s Cookbook, is a crowdfunded book chock full of cannabis-based recipes originating from their website. Reaching 120 million people per month, Stoner’s has combined their readers love of mind-altering botanicals and the munchies obtained thereby into recipes that satisfy both desires simultaneously. Inside Herb you’ll find 200+ pages of mouth-watering dishes that all feature something that might look like oregano. Recipes are replete with detailed extraction methods, beautiful photography, science behind cannabis, and much more. You won’t find these dishes at Chez Henri, but you may have thought up some of them while munching at Taco Bell.

Find it at InkShares – $15+