Henty Wingman Suit Bag

Lugging around wrinkle-sensitive garb in a protective garment bag is fine and dandy, but their length and size make them a little unwieldy, not to mention totally impractical for flying or biking. Enter Henty’s Wingman Suit Bag. This seemingly normal garment bag rolls up into a rugged duffel for throwing over your shoulder, into the back seat of a taxi, or into your flight’s overhead compartment, all while keeping your suit virtually wrinkle-free. The Wingman’s big enough for a suit and shirt or two plus accessories, includes a gym bag that slips in the center to separate your shoes and other small goods from your precious cargo, packs a deployable rain cover should the weather turn ugly, and even boasts a compartment large enough to fit a small sleeved laptop.

Pick one up on Amazon – $200 [via]