Sometimes, we wonder if prolific authors like Hemingway would’ve accomplished half as much as they did had they been faced with monumental distractions like Facebook, Reddit, and the internet as a whole. Hemingwrite does away with all of that while keeping your work digital for straightforward archiving or publishing. This mechanical keyboard-equipped, typewriter-like device boasts a backlit 6″ e-ink display to let you do one thing and one thing only: write. It also boasts WiFi for syncing to your preferred cloud apps like Evernote or Google Docs, a one million page memory, and a gorgeous retro die-cast aluminum design. And if you’re hellbent on really getting some work done, grab your Hemingwrite and go off the grid: with 6+ weeks of battery life, it easily outclasses even the longest lasting laptops or tablets forty fold.

Still in development, but stay updated at Hemingwrite – $TBA