Hastens Vividus Bed

No, it’s not a new online mattress that’s just sprung up. In fact it’s just about as far from that as it gets. The Hästens Vividus Bed is dubbed the luxury bed of luxury beds, and we’ve got little reason to dispute that. It’s priced like an exotic sports car and built by four craftsmen that put in a combined 320 hours at Hästens’ workshop in Köping, Sweden. The bed itself is made of layers of fine cotton, wool, flax, and horsehair for breathability and both moisture and temperature regulation while the frame is made of solid pine, weighing, in total, a bit over 460 pounds. It’s a bed that’s literally good enough for royalty as Hästens has served as official supplier to the Swedish Royal Court for their last three generations.

Learn more at Hästens – $150,000