HandleBand Bike Mount

We have two main qualms with current bicycle smartphone mounting solutions: first, most are big and bulky, and second, they tend to be compatible with only one particular phone or model. HandleBand, however, is the polar opposite. Of ultimate simplicity, HandleBand is made up of two pieces – an aluminum support spline and a stretchy, grippy silicone band that wraps around your handlebar and virtually any smartphone (unobtrusively, we might add, thanks to space between the bands that facilitates touchscreen access) for an incredibly secure hold. Otherwise, it’s quick to add on or remove, can be fastened using zip ties for theft-prevention, holds a wide variety of other stuff like flashlights, pumps, small navigation units, etc, and even sports a built-in bottle opener for downing suds on the road – just not literally.

Find it at HandleBand – $25