Halo Kopi Luwak Diamond Coffee Pods

You may have already heard of Kopi Luwak, the rarest (and priciest) coffee in the world — you know, the one made from half-digested coffee cherries found in harvested palm civet excrement. It may sound disgusting but it’s not quite the case as they’re cleaned before roasting. Not that we’ve tried it ourselves but the end result is apparently quite good, and now it’s coming to your Nespresso machine in the form of Halo Kopi Luwak Diamond Coffee Pods. Besides the premium coffee within, these pods are the first to be fully compostable thanks to a bamboo and paper pulp blend, so you can throw them into your compost bin and they’ll degrade away along with the used-up coffee inside. Of course at $10 a pod you’ll need to really want it, though Halo’s got other, less premium (but still premium by any other measure) pods ready to go as well.

Learn more at Halo – roughly $120