Gyroscopic Watch Winder

On the off chance that you’ve got 18 grand to blow and are in the market for a watch winder (and of course own a watch that costs upwards of 18 grand, because who in their right mind would buy a watch accessory more expensive than their timepiece?), the Gyroscopic Watch Winder might pique your interest. Unlike standard watch winders that spin in one direction on one plane, this one (predictably) spins and rotates in whisper-quiet fashion on three axes, much like the nausea-inducing aerotrim gyroscopes used in astronaut training. It’s also handcrafted in Germany over a four week period using materials such as mouth-blown crystal (for its dome), polished aluminum for the gyroscope’s frame, and a hand-lacquered wooden base. Sure, it might not wind your watch any better than a typical one might, but it’s bound to leave a lasting impression.

Find it at Hammacher Schlemmer – $18,000