Grovemade Speaker System

It’s hard to imagine Grovemade’s Speaker System sounding as good as they look, but that’s not for lack of trying. Its form is a collaboration between the wood-obsessed brand and industrial designer Joey Roth, with a design that puts a 2-inch full range driver behind a grille and boosts its low frequencies by way of a back-loaded horn. The wood shell is precision machined using domestically sourced hardwoods like walnut or maple and bonded together with a high performance epoxy adhesive before being hand sanded, coated with natural oil, and buffed to seal it. They’re held on vegetable tanned leather-covered stainless steel stands and plug into a center unit equipped with a dial to control volume. The speakers are also devoid of any visible fasteners, producing a stunningly clean aesthetic that’s gorgeous from all angles.

Learn more about the Walnut and Maple models at Grovemade – $500 (maple) to $600 (walnut)