Griff Drone

Most consumer drones lug along a small camera. Some professional-grade quadcopters can even carry heavier filming rigs weighing dozens of pounds. Still, Griff Aviation’s Griff Drones are worlds apart from other drones when it comes to rated payload. Three three models include the Griff 125, 300, and 800, the number designating the gross weight that each can carry in kilograms, meaning they can lift about 275, 660, and 1,760 pounds, respectively. They do this with a double-decker 8 propeller design, a larger size, and, presumably, big motors and massive batteries considering these things can fly for up to 45 minutes on a charge. They’re controlled by either a standard remote control or a FPV control station. Need one that can carry even more? Griff can build you a custom model, too. What you’d do with one though is another story.

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