Gravity Chopsticks

The idea behind Gravity Chopsticks is a simple one, but with some merit. Boasting 360 degrees of hygiene and designed to eliminate the need for a chopstick rest, the gravity chopstick utilizes geometry and varying densities to create a futuristic solution to the frustrations that come with regular chopstick use. The Gravity Chopsticks automatically elevate the eating tips off of the table, hovering in a perfect balancing act that is functional and just downright cool. To pull this off, these floating chopsticks are made from solid hardened aluminium alloy blocks with wood tips of either maple or walnut. As their name suggests the chopsticks use gravity and geometric design to prevent the eating tips from touching the table, or rolling off onto the floor. Each pair of chopsticks comes with its own velvet carrying sleeve, making the use of disposable chopsticks obsolete.

Find it on Kickstarter – $24