GoSun Grill Solar Oven

GoSun’s Stove is an impressive parabolic oven that can cook or boil water using nothing but sunlight. Consider the GoSun Grill Solar Oven its bigger, more powerful sibling. The Grill opens up to expose two parabolic reflectors to the sun’s rays, concentrating heat onto the evacuated Pyrex tube to bake, boil, roast, or steam enough food for up to eight people extremely evenly. It’s clean to operate, evidently outputting no smoke or soot whatsoever, cooks in a high-moisture environment to retain flavors, and is compact enough to pack into the trunk of your car for a cook-off in the backcountry. Plus, an optional phase change Thermal Battery that slips into the tube makes cooking at night or in cloudy conditions possible, “charging up” in sunlight and slowly releasing the stored energy as heat over multiple hours.

Check it out at Kickstarter – $350+ to $450+ (with battery)