GoPro Omni

Sure, six GoPro HERO4 Black cameras don’t come cheap, nor does the GoPro Omni rig that brings them all together. But the end result is full 360 degree video that syncs and stitches up perfectly, resulting in footage otherwise unheard of at this sort of price. The rigid yet lightweight aluminum Omni links up the six cameras to make the synchronization possible with only one controller — a GoPro Smart Remote — needed to start and stop filming. Mounting hardware makes it as easy to rig up as a standalone camera, and the All Inclusive kit comes with video-stitching software, six cameras, a 7-port USB hub and 6 microSD card readers to upload all content at once, a Switronix Hypercore98S battery for up to 3 hours of extra longevity, and a suitcase to hold it all.

Grab one with ($5,000) or without ($1,500) six HERO4 Black cameras.