Google Ara Modular Phone

Project Ara has been fairly quiet for awhile now, but fortunately the announcement of Google’s Ara Modular Phone Developer kit shows us that the principal drive behind the project — modularity — is still front and center. Shipping in fall 2016, this developer-focused Ara is built around a frame that contains most of the phone’s brains including the CPU, GPU, antennas, sensors, a battery, and a 5.3-inch display. Six slots fit Ara modules solidly, connecting to the frame via Greybus, a bit of software explicitly designed for the inevitable hot-swapping of modules, and hardware that allows data-transfer rates of 11.9 Gbps. This makes adding an extra battery module or upgrading parts like your camera a cinch, and allows for plenty of creativity from hardware developers making unique modules. Moreover, the actual consumer-ready phone isn’t far behind: it should be shipping next year.

Learn more at Google ATAP – $TBA