Good Cigar Co Pack

There’s a well-curated, home-delivered service for just about everything nowadays, so we’re barely surprised to discover Good Cigar Co’s Good Cigar Pack. Intended for newcomers and cigar aficionados looking to discover new cigars alike, each humidity-sealed pack comes with everything you need, including two carefully chosen cigars, a cutter, a box of matches, and detailed tasting notes to help you better understand what it is you’re smoking (and pay more attention to the subtleties of its flavors). They come in three intensities — Casual, Classic, and Aficionado, the latter targeted to seasoned smokers — and can be ordered as a one-time deal or as a monthly subscription. And if you already know what you like and what you don’t, send them your preferences and they’ll curate something that’ll better suit your taste.

Find it at Good Cigar Co. – $25