We have no plans to buy a dedicated MP3 player ever again – our phone easily handles the job, and then some. Granted, it’s a bit bulkier and heavier than an iPod Shuffle or Nano and therefore less convenient when working out, so packing it in a pocket is a no-go, and current armbands put it out of easy view. Here to change that is GoCuff, the first smartphone wrist-band that’s actually bound to stay put. GoCuff secures your phone to your arm via a slip on half “glove” plus two velcro straps, giving you full control of what’s playing without obstructing your hand’s range of motion in the least. Else, it’s made of thin perforated neoprene for breathability, fits virtually any phone or MP3 player up to the size of a Galaxy S4, and can be hand washed with a mild detergent when the time comes.

Check it out at Amazon – $25+