Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Lantern

Electricity runs abundantly – not to mention cheaply – through our cities, but charging our gadgets, let alone basic necessities like light-emitting lanterns, can get tricky in the backcountry. Fortunately, that’s Goal Zero’s specialty. Outputting up to an impressive 250 lumens over a broad area, the Lighthouse 250 easily holds its own against other powerful lanterns. Then, top it off with one of Goal Zero’s solar panels to recharge its 4,400mAh li-ion cell or by turning its built-in hand crank (1 minute of crank = 10 minutes of light), and share some excess power with other devices via its USB port. It’s also adept at sipping power, running up to 48 hours continuously thanks to three brightness settings and a DuaLite Directional option that shuts off one side of the lantern to halve consumption.

Pick one up on Amazon – $80