Gittler Guitar

It doesn’t remotely resemble any instrument you’ve ever seen. But don’t take that to mean that the Gittler Guitar is any less capable than its more traditional brethren: rather, it’s the opposite. Composed of a strikingly spartan set of essentials, the Gittler Guitar is entirely crafted of 6AL-4V aircraft grade titanium and boasts headless guitar tuners, 31 rounded frets that produce near-perfect intonation thanks to their low contact area, and Infinite Gliss, which grants the ability to continue playing past the 31st fret all the way down to the tuners. Its frets are also optionally identified using a luminescent fret marking system that employs pinpoint LEDs to create a trail map across the neck, helping with the learning curve. Most importantly, though, it’s fitted with six discrete transducers, six individual magnetically shielded pickups, and six individual MIDI outputs — one of each per string — to not only capture perfect tones but also track them through to popular MIDI units. Otherwise, the design is unforgivingly headless, and sports a string lock mechanism that individually vice grip locks each string to make swapping them quick and painless.

Learn more at Gittler Instruments – $5,750