Gina Smart Coffee Instrument

Brewing coffee is only an art once you’ve got the science down pat. And Goat Story’s Gina Smart Coffee Instrument can actually help you perfect your technique. An integrated Bluetooth scale allows you to optimize the coffee to water ratio, using your phone (and an accompanying app) for its display. It’s custom valve can be left wide open for pour-over, completely closed for immersion brewing, or even tuned to a slow drop for making cold drip. Gina also comes with a ridged ceramic funnel and cover, a borosilicate glass pitcher, a smaller glass module and filter for use with cold drip methods, and an app which does everything from guiding you through the brewing process to doubling as a drip meter for your cold brewing setup. All its other materials are rock solid too including a heat-resistant silicone pad plus both stainless steel valve and frame.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $160+