Gibson Memory Cable

We’ve all been through it: had a fantastic idea that we should’ve immediately written down, and lost instead (note: if you go through this often and alcohol is involved every time, it may not be the ideas that are good so much as the liquor). And if you’re a musician, this can be particularly disappointing. But with Gibson’s Memory Cable powered by Tascam, you’ll never lose another creative moment. This premium quality instrument cable for guitar and keyboards – or any other instrument with a ¼” output jack, really – captures each note of your opus for later review by way of a built-in super compact recorder that stores up to 13 hours of audio on a Micro SD card in CD-quality 44.1kHz/16-bit resolution. There’s no need to plug the Memory Cable into an amp, either: just plug it into any guitar, bass or keyboard and start recording your own anthem for the ages.

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