Get It Right Voltaire Coffee Grinder

At the basics, making good coffee requires a grinder as good as your coffee machine, not to mention fresh beans. And the Get It Right Voltaire Coffee Grinder nails the grinder part. Conical ceramic burrs lie at the center of the machine, adjustable with a stepless adjustment collar that lets you fine tune your grain to obsessive precision. A high performance LiFePO4 battery keeps it grinding for over 3lbs total of beans per charge, cutting the cable. Also included are niceties such as an anti-static catch that’s illuminated by nine LEDs, an easy-t0-clean hopper, a digital timer, and a direct bean drop that minimizes heat buildup to protect the intended flavor. And for an extra fifty bones the device includes a sensing platform to measure a variety of bean metrics including volatile compound release, humidity, volume, and more that, in combination with roast date, style, and variety, can finally tell you how fresh your beans really are.

Find it at Kickstarter – $180+