Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Fire Starter

He bolts through jungles and leaps yawning chasms while his hapless/helpless camera crew looks on in amazement. Okay, so Bear isn’t Meriwether Clark, but he is entertaining. For instance, the Bear drinking game… every time he eats a bug you chuck some delicious fruit juice or some such. As outrageous as some of his survival antics are, he never lacks in good equipment, and the Bear Grills Compact Fire Starter is no exception. This lightweight and simple to operate fire starter fits in a pocket or on a keychain, giving you easy access to fire wherever you go (unless you go underwater). The 2 piece design produces hot burning sparks using a Ferrocerium rod. The case is made of anodized aluminum with a textured rubber grip and is water resistant. The next time you’re outdoors and need a fire, don’t douse steel wool in lighter fluid and touch it off with a car battery, use the Bear Grills Compact Fire Starter instead.

Pick one up on Amazon – $20