GeoOrbital Wheel

You’ve already got a perfectly good bike, so why replace it, even if you’d like to go electric? With a GeoOrbital Wheel you don’t have to — instead, just swap out your bicycle’s front wheel for this one. A high-density flat-proof solid foam tire sits around a three-wheeled triangular aerospace-grade aluminum frame, the latter installing on your fork like any tire would. The integrated 500 Watt brushless motor kicks in at the push of a thumb activated throttle, effortlessly propelling you to a top speed of 20 miles per hour in seconds (and, interestingly, making your bike all-wheel drive should you spin the rear wheel yourself). Its large, removable 10Ah li-ion battery even doubles as a USB power bank to recharge your other devices, though if you don’t drain it too much with all your gadgets it’ll offer a range of 20 miles, or up to 50 miles if you pedal and do some of the work.

Check it out at GeoOrbital– $995