The Gun Box 2.0

The GunBox 2.0 is ultra safe and stylish as well as being a great asset to your home or vehicle. Featuring 360-degree biometric fingerprint scanning you can access your guns in record timing, and the Gun Box can hold multiple fingerprints too for ultimate convenience. As well as this, the device holds a RFID scanner so you can also use a key fob or card to open. In…



Ganker Fighting Robot

The ultimate boy’s toy! Using multiple servo motors, the Ganker Fighting Robot really comes to life and mimics natural movement whilst responding precisely to your fighting commands. To control your robot, you simply have to download the mobile app and set each movement ready for the fight, making it super adaptable to all ages. To make the dual’s even more interesting, the Ganker is equipped with sensors so…



Rollbe Compact Measuring Tool

The Rollbe is designed to make measuring straight and curved lines a walk in the park. Using both the metric and imperial system the Rollbe is available in a 4 and 8-inch design. To not take up as much room as a normal tape measure, the designers of the Rollbe have created this clever design to be the same size as a coin, so the ruler will always…



SpiderLight Holster

Carrying a camera around can easily get very tiring. If only there was any easy, super accessible, way of transporting your camera… well now there is. The SpiderLight Holster is the ideal companion for anyone that wants a stress-free draw-from-the-hip camera carrying solution. This product was designed for small DSLR’s and Mirrorless cameras. Being lightweight, durable and enormously versatile, the SpiderLight is the best in its game. Find…



Mini Museum Third Edition

Maybe you missed the first Mini Museum. Perhaps the second as well. Or maybe you didn’t but still need a Mini Museum Third Edition. Encased in this transparent Lucite acrylic block is a range of curiosities and rarities that are sure to catch the eye. It comes in two sizes — large and small — which feature 29 and 12 specimens, respectively, and which include a piece of a 14th century…

GET IT: $130+


Stealth Fidget Spinners

Need a fidget spinner? Forget the ubiquitous plastic variety. Stealth Fidget Spinners takes the toy to the extreme. At their center lies a removable, whisper-quiet R188 bearing, covered by a finger hold on either side and surrounded by hefty metal blades for longer spin times. Their flagship spinners include are made of electroplated brass for its significant weight and, therefore, long spin times, and include the B2 (shown in black, left) and the…

GET IT: $20+


Centre Spin Fidget Spinner

Not all fidget spinners are made equal. Like their other wares, J.L. Lawson & Co’s Centre Spin is a heirloom-quality object designed to keep your hands busy that’s both overbuilt and made start-to-finish in California. The compact, pocketable spinner unscrews to come apart into four pieces, granting access to the USA-made hybrid ceramic bearing inside for occasional cleaning to keep it spinning smoothly. Comes in either stainless steel, brass, or copper, each…

GET IT: $80+


Spyslide Webcam Cover

Industrial engineers didn’t painstakingly design your laptop computer just so you could spoil its looks with a sticker or, worse, a piece of tape, over the camera. The stainless steel Spyslide Webcam Cover is both subtler and a far more elegant solution. It’s ultra-thin at 0.023 inches (0.6mm) as to not interfere with screen closing, sports a small bump to facilitate sliding open or closed, and is completely self-contained so there are…

GET IT: ~$10


Nike Outsole iPhone 7 Cases

The slick body of a bare iPhone is by no means a sure grip. Nike Outsole iPhone 7 Cases should help, and though while they’re not made of the same material as their shoes they do resemble a couple of their iconic outsoles. Models include the Nike Roshe and the Air Force 1 (shown), both sneakerhead-pleasing and crafted of two colors of thermoplastic polyurethane that’ll shield your precious device against bumps and…

GET IT: $35


The Key Armory

A key is a key is a key. But not those produced forged by The Key Armory. They sell key blanks in both Schlage SC1 and Kwikset KW1 types, covering about 90% of locks, but more importantly each have a distinct bow shaped like legendary swords from movies and video games. Currently the collection spans twenty swords that include pieces from The Legend of Zelda (like Link’s Master Sword and the…

GET IT: $12


TTi-150 Titanium Dice

Clean, minimal, and made of our favorite metal, there’s lots to like about TTi-150 Titanium Dice. Each is precisely carved of GR5 titanium by a CNC mill to a smoothed cube that, importantly, won’t scratch up your table, and finalized to either a sand blasted grey or stone washed silver finish. Because of the choice of material they’re far lighter than they look at 11.5 grams (0.4 ounces) each…

GET IT: ~$26


TIHK HK2 Handcuff Key

You may be concealing a Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key on your rear belt loop as we speak — because you never know, and real proper handcuffs can be bought by anybody with $30 and a heartbeat. Either way, a new and improved version is now replacing the original: the TIHK HK2 Handcuff Key. As before it’s minuscule, lightweight, and colored a super stealthy matte black, clipping onto one of your belt loops for easy…

GET IT: $12


Orbiter Spinner

We love creative work, but it inevitably pushes us to an anxious, fidgety state while waiting for ideas to spontaneously manifest themselves. For this fidget devices were invented, and the Orbiter Spinner is a departure from the typical types. The two part Orbiter includes a steel ball and a machined titanium base, both fitted with powerful neodymium magnets that keep them together. To spin it, push the ball out of…

GET IT: $65


Lindlund Ruler

Bridging the gap between our physical and digital worlds isn’t quite as easy as it should be. Since app, magazine, and web designs often starts as sketches on paper, the Lindlund Ruler — the first to do the above — becomes indispensable. It unifies several units of measurement that modern designers need on its four edges (including 2 internal), spanning centimetres to inches and picas to pixels, the latter divvied up…

GET IT: ~$25


Nimuno Loops Lego Compatible Tape

A bit of Nimuno Loops Lego Compatible Tape goes a long way to boost the compatibility of everyday objects with your Lego bricks. This peel-and-stick adhesive-backed tape is flexible, shapeable, and can be cut down to the right length to handle various tasks, and since it’s got a Lego-like interface it’ll work to stick your existing blocks in places you otherwise couldn’t. Available in several colors including red, green, blue,…

GET IT: $11+


LittlePlanetFactory 3D Printed Celestial Bodies

Amateur astronomers and space buffs know that quality planet props are essentially nonexistent. Until now. LittlePlanetFactory 3D prints a variety of celestial bodies from high-resolution digital models using a proprietary 3D printer, making highly detailed objects as small as 0.4-inches all the way up to 7.8-inches in diameter. Their current selection includes a variety of single moons and planets — including of course our own pale blue dot —…

GET IT: ~$24


CW&T Key Wrangler

Designed and built by CW&T, the makers of our favorite pens, the Key Wrangler is the Brooklyn brand’s latest creation: a keyring to tidy up your keys, with a bit of added functionality. Your keys safely slip onto a key post that’s unscrewed using a small flathead, or with the knurled portion using just your fingers. It’s wide so it’ll fit a ton of keys (up to 17 normal-sized…

GET IT: $55


Giveaway: OrbitKey

Your keys desperately need taming, and we’re teaming up with OrbitKey to lend a hand as well as celebrating the launch of their Rose Gold collection. Enter for a chance to win one of three OrbitKey 2.0 sets — made of either rubber, leather, or canvas, your choice — with full accessories, which also means both their 32GB USB drive and Multitool to slip on the OrbitKey alongside two…


Bottle Opener

Opener Coaster

For when you’re about to enjoy a cold one but no bottle openers are in sight, there’s Opener Coaster. This rugged, machined aircraft-grade aluminum coaster is first and foremost nigh indestructible and shields your delicate wooden tables from drink sweat and probably also bullets. Flip it around and integrated into its cork bottom are four drink-opening tools to guarantee you’ll never go thirsty: a can tab pry bar, metal…

GET IT: $25+

Bottle Opener

Leverage Bottle Opener

Wall-mounted bottle openers have been around for nearly as long as the pop-top bottle. The Leverage Bottle Opener, though, is somewhat nicer looking than its cast iron brethren. It’s designed as an angular wire frame and is lost wax cast of solid brass, with a sealant finish that minimizes discoloration with time to keep cracking open beers and sodas for what basically amounts to eternity. Mount it to your kitchen or workshop wall using…

GET IT: $30+


ClutchIt Magnetic Phone Mount

We wouldn’t trust most suction cup phone holders with the safety of our pricy smartphones. The ClutchIt Magnetic Phone Mount is about as versatile but a lot more secure thanks to powerful neodymium magnets on either end that articulate about a short machined 7075 aluminum arm on two rotating ball joints. You’ll of course need metallic surfaces on which to affix it so the gadget includes three magnetic metal pads backed…

GET IT: $40


Tempus Spin Coin

Decision fatigue is a thing. Tempus Spin Coin is an EDC coin that spins to make mundane decisions for you, like who’s buying the next round. Each is painstakingly machined down from billet, hand engraved, and set with a hard, low-friction ceramic ball that allows the coin to spin for up to 9 or so minutes once you’ve got the technique just right. The art includes a pointing skeleton hand…

GET IT: $43+


Ping GPS Locator

Having the option of tracking the location of kids, pets, bikes, your car, or anything important, really, just got easier with the Ping GPS Locator. Ping addresses issues of range common with standard Bluetooth trackers and battery life with other GPS trackers (that typically last just a few days), extending the former to anywhere with cellular reception and the latter to three months on standby. If you need to locate one just…

GET IT: $90



Lounging around on the sofa isn’t truly lazy if you need to reach far and grab your drink off of a side table or, worse, the floor, every time you want a sip. The CouchCoaster guarantees you won’t need to — and also that the drink in question won’t accidentally spill while resting someplace on the uneven sofa surface — by adding a cup holder to the arms of your couch,…

GET IT: $20