Gear Aid LED Lights

Their well-proportioned designs make them look huge, but Gear Aid’s new trio of LED Lights are actually relatively compact, with the Spark (right) smaller than a wallet. Still, all three are plenty functional. The Spark ($50), for instance, boasts a 3,000 mAh battery and outputs 25 to 160 lumens for 5 hours at max brightness. The larger Arc (left, $100) makes use of its larger 10,400 mAh battery to recharge your other devices and shines for brighter — up to 320 lumens — and longer. The even beefier Flux ($150) has a 20,800 mAh capacity and outputs up to 640 lumens. They’re all also equipped with a 1/4-inch threading point for compatibility with tripods and GoPro mounts, a fold out stand that helps hang and angle them, and an IPX5-rated weather-resistant casing.

Learn more at Gear Aid or Amazon – $50 to $150