Gate Smart Lock

A handful of products are already vying to replace your home’s doorbell and traditional key lock. The Gate Smart Lock instead consolidates all the features your home’s entryway needs in one compact device that simply takes the place of your deadbolt. Gate connects to your home’s WiFi network and pings you when somebody presses its call button — or, if you wish, even when simple motion is detected at your front door. A camera and two-way microphone lets you see and converse with said person, and the door can even be unlocked remotely, or scheduled to unlock at specific times for deliveries and the like. If your phone’s not on you a keypad lets you get in, and if you forgot that (or it’s 4-month rechargeable battery is for some reason dead) it’s even got physical key access as a last resort backup.

Find it at Indiegogo – $250+