Gamevice Controller

Gaming on an iOS device has its perks over traditional handhelds like the GameBoy and the PS Vita, namely a much better display and greater performance. But it lacks tactile buttons and often enough that makes all the difference. The Gamevice Controller equips your device with what you’ve been missing, adding dual joysticks, a D pad, four A/B/Z/Y buttons, triggers on either side, plus bumpers, basically turning it into a Nintendo Switch of sorts. It clips on to either side of an iPhone 7, iPad Mini, or iPad Pro, plugging into the Lightning port while adding a pass-through Lightning port on the outside in case you’ll need to charge while you play, not to mention a headphone jack that iPhone 7 users will appreciate. It’s also lighter than the previous generation Gamevice since the battery has been removed, instead sipping a tiny amount of power from the Lightning port.

Learn more at Gamevice – $100