Frywall keeps the sizzling confined to a pan without having to invest in a giant wok or wasting your time with ineffective splatter screens that stop working when lifted up. It doesn’t obstruct your pan whatsoever; instead, Frywall simply extends the edges of your pan by about 6 inches, catching virtually all airborne oil drops to spare you the trouble of cleaning them off your oven afterwards. Installation is as simple as lowering the silicone ring over your pan to rest it halfway down the rim, just slightly above the cooking surface, and when you’re done and it’s clean — throw it in a dishwasher if you’re feeling lazy — it rolls up compact for storage. Available in two sizes: Frywall 10, which fits pans with inside rim diameters of about 9.6 to 10.5 inches, and Frywall 12 for larger pans with diameters of 11.6 to 12.5 inches.

Pick one up at Amazon or Frywall- $22 to $29