Friday Labs Smart Lock

Dubbed the world’s smallest retrofitted connected lock, the Friday Labs Smart Lock may also take the prize for most inconspicuous, since you’d never really guess it was electronic just by looking at it. Its clean, elegant design takes inspiration from the Saddle Roof, and thanks to a universal baseplate it’ll fit over all US deadbolts and Eurocylinder locks so you can install one on the inside of your door all by yourself using just a screwdriver. Its Apple HomeKit-powered smart features are fuelled by a rechargeable battery and include notifications when somebody opens the door, automatic unlock as you (and your associated smartphone) approach your front door, remote locking and unlocking from anywhere, as well as access sharing with friends and family — though of course you can also turn it by hand, or unlock the door using a normal physical key from the outside. And it’s all controllable by voice commands through Siri, too.

Learn more at Friday Labs – $250