Fortified Bike Lights

Fortified knows a thing or two about bike lights. Building off of their wildly successful Gotham Defender comes the Aviator front light and Afterburner taillight, two near-indestructible theft-resistant bike lights that are brighter and more compact than their predecessor. Both are cast from lightweight aluminum, feature super-bright LEDs –  150 and 30 lumens respectively for Aviator and Afterburner, or 300 and 60 for their more powerful Boost versions – silicone gaskets for weather-resistance, rechargeable batteries good for 40+ hours of riding, and of course lock to your handlebars/seat-posts with proprietary screws. Plus, Fortified is putting their money where their mouth is, backing every light with a lifetime No-Matter-What warranty: if it’s stolen, broken, or anything, they’ll fix it or send you a new one, free or charge.

Learn more at Fortified Bicycle – $45+