Flyte Levitating Light

Not your typical light fixture in the least, the Flyte Levitating Light does just what its name suggests — levitate, seemingly magically, while also pulling in power through the air. Setup is easy: plug Flyte’s base into an AC adapter, then hold the bulb over it: electromagnets grasp of the bulb’s socket in seconds, suspending it in the air while an induction coil lights up the ultra bright, lower-power LEDs in the core of the bulb. It’s also made of your choice of sustainably-sourced oak, ash, or walnut, turns on or off with a simple touch of its surface, and employs shatterproof materials in the bulb that ease worries of breakage should it fall off. Oh, and the base even doubles as a wireless charging base station for your smartphone (with compatible third party accessories).

Grab one at Flyte – $350