Fly6 HD Camera + Taillight

Cycling, unfortunately, is rife with inherent risks, notably those associated with careless drivers piloting a one ton heap of steel in your vicinity. One method that’s effectively curbed speeding and reckless driving is the use of traffic cameras, and by that logic so might the Fly6. Fusing a highly visible red taillight to a 720p high-definition rear facing camera, Fly6 draws attention to its recording capabilities thanks to a rotating bezel light around the lens, hopefully inciting drivers into greater attentiveness. With a 5 hour runtime per charge, looping video recording on an included 8GB microSD card, and straightforward operation – basically, when the light’s on, it’s recording – cyclists can rest a little easier knowing Fly6 has their back (and at the least provides some video evidence in case of an incident).

Check it out at Amazon – $240