Flower Shell

We’d put off gardening for joining a 64 player Battlefield match virtually any day, but that was before planting flowers with a shotgun was a thing. Flower Shells are 12-gauge shotgun shells that have their gunpowder reduced and their lead shot replaced by seeds, allowing you to quite literally walk around firing into the ground before coming back to the sprouting of flowers after a few weeks, or however long it takes flowers to grow these days (see why we need these?). Seed options include columbine, cornflower, daisy, poppy, sunflower, lavender, carnation, and peony, amongst others, and while we’re not sure how well they’ll work compared to traditional planting, Flower Shells are practically worth it just to dust off the old shotgun, hit the yard, and boast of your gardening prowess afterwards.

Learn more at Flower Shell – $50 for four shells