FlipFlic Smart Blinds Controller

Automate your blinds in literally minutes with FlipFlic, a solar-powered smart blinds controller that installs onto ordinary window blinds with no tools or permanent modifications. The compact device snaps on and takes the place of the tilting wand on your horizontal or vertical blinds (it doesn’t work with pull cords, yet), letting you control tilt using the FlipFlic app, set up timed schedules to, for instance, open the blinds to wake you up in the morning and close them at night, or even decide whether they should be opened or closed by judging temperature and/or light levels thanks to on-board sensors. And since it’s powered by a solar panel that sticks on your window the device is entirely maintenance free, though a built-in battery holds a month’s worth of charge in case it’s being used in a dark or shaded area.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $85+