Flectr Wheel Reflectors

The first thing we usually do when buying a new bike is tearing off all the repulsive wheel reflectors, if it came with any. And usually we won’t replace them, but the existence of Flectr Wheel Reflectors may finally sway us. Each Flectr weighs just about nothing at a featherlight 0.024 ounces (0.7 grams) and mount in seconds with no tools required: peel off the foil carrier, place one around the spokes, and press both side panels together. They’re weather-resistant, aerodynamic, and extremely reflective, deriving this property from the thousands of microprisms across their surface. The only downside is that they’re not technically reusable after they’ve been removed since the adhesive is single-use (though a bit of glue and elbow grease may remedy this).

Find them at Kickstarter – roughly $23