Final Credit Card

Security breaches: they happen every day. The last time one forced us to change a password was yesterday. But when your credit card gets ripped off — whether due to a large online breach or local hooligans rigging physical terminals — replacing it, along with re-establishing all your existing payment relationships with your new number, is a far bigger hassle. Final finally makes this a thing of the past. This credit card is without a physical number on its front, instead creating unique numbers on the fly with every merchant you deal with for complete control over payments. If a merchant’s numbers are leaked online, Final simply replaces yours with a new one. It also lets you set monthly limits per merchant, warns you if they attempt to overcharge, lets you cancel numbers at a whim or create one-time use numbers for secure single purchases, and plays nice with your digital wallet as well.

Coming early 2015. Read more at Get Final – $TBA [via]