Fimbulvetr Hikr Snowshoe

A new take on the typically oversized snowshoe, a pair of Fimbulvetr’s Hikr Snowshoes weighs just 4.7 pounds and measures in at 24 inches long while packing the same performance and floatation expected from a pair that’s four inches longer. Its unibody DuPont Hytrel frame is rugged while maintaining the flexibility needed for moving nimbly through the snow. Throw Fimbulvetr’s All Direction Hinge and B4 bindings with integrated crampons into the mix to handle a variety of angled, uneven, and icy terrains with relative ease. Plus, each Hikr is made up of just 12 components, translating to a lessened chance of the snowshoes failing or breaking.

Grab a pair at Amazon – $270