Filld For Bentley

Boosting productivity often means streamlining and optimizing the little things that waste your time. And if you’re the owner of a Bentley and live in certain areas of California, you may never have to visit a gas station again thanks to the Filld for Bentley app. While it doesn’t quite automate the task just fire up the app, select your location, choose the time period for your fill-up, and leave your gas cap unlocked. Filld takes care of the rest, finding your car and topping it up invisibly. You’re charged the lowest price of the three nearest gas stations plus a small delivery fee of (usually) $3 which is definitely worth the time saved. They’re Weights and Measures Certified so you get the volume you pay for, and when you get back to your car after work or after a night’s rest it’ll be ready to go for a few hundred more miles.

Visit Filld to see if you’re eligible – Gasoline market price + $3