Figment VR

Dubbed the world’s first virtual reality and augmented reality phone case, Figment VR goes places other VR sets haven’t dared — namely, your pocket. Figment VR is first and foremost a protective rigid, protective plastic case but features a lens at at the end of an aluminum arm that swings out and up in front of your iPhone 6/6S’ or 6/6S Plus’ display, letting you make full use of almost any VR app just about anywhere. You won’t need absolute darkness, just place it near your eyes and cup around the sides if it’s really bright out. And if you’re wondering what you can do with it, the list is long and includes touring world landmarks with Google Street View, experiencing a rock concert right from the stage, plus exploring faraway places both on Earth and off of it.

Learn more at Figment VR or back them on Kickstarter – $55+