Field Notes Drink Local Edition

Unless you’re a true cerevisaphile with a solid photographic memory, keeping track of beers you’ve tried, those you’d try again, and those to steer clear of can be a dizzying affair. Field notes simplifies this task with their Drink Local edition, a series of six notebooks representing ales (stout, amber ale, and india pale ale) and lagers (pilsner, bock, and pale lager). Each notebook features a soft touch varnished cover to match its namesake brew, comes with a brief history of its style of beer on the back cover, and is filled with Field Note’s finch opaque smooth 50# orange gridded¬†text paper. Of course, nothing’s stopping you from using these colorful 48-page notebooks for other purposes, but if you enjoy beer half as much as we do, you’ll start filling these up in no time.

Learn more at Field Notes or Amazon Р$10 per 3-pack