Fibre Flare

Nighttime visibility remains a problem for many cyclists, and while a slew of mountable lights exist, none offer a range of visibility larger than 180 degrees, which, frankly, is already pushing it in most cases. Fibre Flare’s solution is instead an illuminated tube that outputs an even brightness at all angles, making it easily visible up to 300 meters away. The device rigs up easily to a bike or bag with the included silicone attachment sling, doesn’t add much weight to your ultralight ride (it weighs in at less than 3 ounces, or 80 grams) and runs for up to 24 hours (or 75 hours on strobe) with a pair of AAA batteries. Of course, even the white ones aren’t too useful as headlights, but strapping one to your seat post or top tube can still help plenty with lateral and rear visibility.

Check it out at Fibre Flare – $35+ [via]