Ferrari 812 Superfast

Not even its name is modest. The Ferrari 812 Superfast doesn’t play coy about its performance: this F12 successor boasts a 6.5-litre 789 horsepower naturally aspirated V12 that gets it from a dead stop to 62 mph in 2.9 seconds and all the way up to a maximum speed of 211 mph. To keep this power in check the 812 also comes with Electric Power Steering for the first time in a Ferrari, Side Slip Control, and Virtual Short Wheelbase 2.0 (the prancing horse’s take on a four-wheel steering system) that together boost the supercar’s already nimble handling and road stickiness. Throw in a quick-shifting dual-clutch transmission and this thing is just begging to attract handfuls of speeding tickets, even for drivers with the lightest foot.

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