Fender Pro In-Ear Monitor Series

The famed guitar maker is now in the earphone game as well as well with the Fender Pro In-Ear Monitor Series thanks to a little help from Aurisonics, their recent acquisition. The range — minus the base model — boasts a 3D printed shell that provides a universal fit by basing its every contour to thousands of ears scanned, accommodating a vast 95% of wearers as well as would a custom-made earphone. Five models span the series, from the entry-level DXA1 to the pricier FA7. The latter comes equipped with a Hybrid-Dynamic and Balanced Armature Array that includes a pair of tweeters plus a 9.25mm precision rare-earth driver for solid performance across the spectrum. SureSeal tips also cut out up to 22dB of ambient noise to protect your hearing in live settings while detachable cables ensure the main limiting factor of earbud longevity — fragile cabling — is a non issue.

Learn more at Fender – $100 to $500