Fender Mustang GT Guitar Amplifier

It’s been one of the best selling amp lines in Fender’s history, and now the Fender Mustang GT Guitar Amplifier is going high tech. On top of enhanced signal processing for better fidelity, the new line features both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, and though while you’ll still need to plug your guitar in with a cable the amp links to your smartphone running Fender’s Tone app to give you real-time control over tones and effects without having to physically spin knobs on the amp. You can also browse a list of presets created by renowned artists and guitarists and save your own for quickly pulling them up later. An optional 4-button footswitch rounds out its feature set for hands-free controls of effects and the looper. Available in three sizes from the home-appropriate Mustang GT 40 to the big stage-ready GT 200.

Check out the full lineup at Fender – $250+