Fade Task Light

Most desk lamps are fitted with intricate articulations that inevitably fail. Not the Fade Task Light, which instead leverages a sliding steel sheet that offers 60 degrees of tilt per hinge, or 120 degrees total arm tilt, all without the use of any traditional moving parts. The base of the arm also rotates 270 degrees and is fitted with a touch-sensitive on button plus analog control that slides along 2 axes: up or down for setting the brightness (between 45 and 370 lumens) and right or left for warm or cool light, respectively, hitting light color temperatures between 2700K and 5600K depending on needs. Unsurprisingly its 16 LED array sips power and entails a lifespan of 50,000 hours of use, and a single USB port hidden in back of the base charges your devices.

Preorder at Fade Studio – $200 [via]