Dislike the idea of staring into a lightbulb for hours on end? Chances are you’re doing so as you read this. And while F.lux can’t change the nature of your device’s display, it can make reading in the darker hours of the day much more pleasant by stripping away that eerie blue glow. As the sun starts to set, F.lux automatically warms your screen’s color profile, making it that much easier to stare at into the wee hours of the night. F.lux’s warmth can – and should – be custom set (we find 4900K to be the magic number), its transition is extremely subtle, and it can be quickly turned off for an hour just in case color sensitivity becomes important, for example to do graphic work or the like. Trust us – once installed and set to your liking, you’ll never give it up.

Download it free at Flux – $Free