F-BOM Anti-Fog Goggles

Fog build-up in ski goggles is the quickest way to ruin a good day on the mountain. Abominable’s F-BOM goggles take on the task not by employing passive hydrophobic coatings or vents, but rather by using a system similar to your car’s rear window. A transparent heating element lies between the two-part lens, heating it up to slightly above dew point to stave off fog. Moreover, each pair employs swappable, distortion-free Zeiss polycarbonate lenses,¬†helmet compatibility, and a li-ion battery that lasts for between 7 hours and 7 days on active (always on) and on-demand burst (press to activate for 10 minutes) modes, respectively.

Pledge for a pair at Kickstarter – $195 [via]