EvenGrind Coffee Grinder

There are plenty of ways to brew up a fantastic cup of coffee, but they all start with one thing: grinding your own beans to a precise, specific size (you know the drill: fine for espresso, coarse for french press, and so on). The flaw with current manual grinders is that they employ free-floating burrs, which can create inconsistent grind size that doesn’t brew as evenly as it should. Kuissential’s EvenGrind Coffee Grinder remedies this issue with a removable stabilization cage that keeps its ceramic grinding burrs in line and the resulting grind perfectly even for über uniform brews. It of course offers an adjustable grind size, features both upper and lower bearings on its grind axle for smoother handle turning, and holds its own against Hario’s Skerton hand grinder, even topping it in consistency.

Find it at Kickstarter – $25+